Walkthrough: Ending 2


This post is only for people who have played through the game at least once and would like to achieve a specific outcome.

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Ending 2: Careful Calculation

In this ending, you destroy the Quantum Conscience project, but you choose to keep working with Veramus to aid Teballai. To achieve this outcome, you can use the Void to read people’s thoughts occasionally, but you must avoid using it to betray your teammates.

Necessary choices:

  • Do NOT read the Vandorfin coordinates in Amalek’s mind when the Shadow asks you to
  • Do NOT read the minds of your teammates on the second mission to Teballai
  • When you are being held captive in the brig, choose Veramus to help you get out
  • You must read/attempt to read Veramus’s mind frequently enough to see his thoughts by the time you reach Ludebba. When he pulls you aside to talk to you, you will get a chance to Dive Deeply into his mind. Do it
  • When Veramus asks you to look up the number in his head, you must do so; you must also be able to break all the way into his mind and Dive Deeper

Variations within this ending:

  • You may keep Mierol with you and still get this ending
  • You will reunite with Amalek in the Epilogue if you previously saved his life