Mierol Relationship Guide


This post is only for people who have played through the game at least once and would like to achieve a specific outcome.

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To form a strong relationship with Mierol, read her mind often. Choosing the character traits fighter and short-tempered will also earn you extra points with her.

Relationship factors:

  • Throughout the game, reading Mierol’s mind can win you extra points
  • In Chapter 3, Mierol will throw you into the brig. You will have two conversations with her while you are in the brig (the second one is most crucial), and you must read her mind frequently throughout. You will have two opportunities to Dive Deeper into her mind and you must Dive Deeper both times.
  • On Ludebba, Mierol will pull you aside for a conversation. Read her mind frequently (there is a specific thought you must see that begins with “So Blaire grew up without any notion of family at all?”). This will make Blaire upset, but Mierol will be moved by Blaire’s words. Later, she’ll visit Blaire in bed
  • If you’ve already kissed Korah when Mierol pays you a bedtime visit, you will decline her affection


  • Each major ending has specific conditions for keeping Mierol with you. Ending 1 and Ending 2 will keep her along automatically if she’s already on your team; in 3 and 4, you must use specific opportunities to Send Thoughts to her
  • If you keep Mierol through Ending 4 and you have a romantic relationship with her, then you’ll form a ménage à trois with Mierol and Veramus