Blaire Pollack

Blaire Pollack grew up on Teballai as a Cypher-P: the second-highest rank in Teballaian society under the dictator (Cypher-Q) himself. As such, she lived a life of great luxury and privilege. She dwelt within the tall Q’s tower in the center of Jumeni, Teballai’s capital city. At any time, she could call upon helots or gorgans to do her bidding. If a helot disobeyed her, that person could be punished harshly–even killed for showing disrespect.

Despite all her power, Blaire’s primary concerns in life were playing games, spending time with friends, and generally having fun. The dictator of Teballai, Delim Quallebus, prized Blaire above all his Cypher-Ps because she possessed an effortless ability to synchronize her thoughts with mind-meld machines. Blaire did not know or care that the ease with which she synched with machines made her the ideal candidate for a top-secret project called Quantum Conscience.

When the FOEs learned of Blaire’s talent, they sent Amalek Nikat–a powerful FOE commander–to assassinate her. But Amalek took mercy on Blaire, who knew little of the powers guiding her talents, and recruited her into the FOEs as a new soldier.