Amalek Relationship Guide


This post is only for people who have played through the game at least once and would like to achieve a specific outcome.

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To form a strong relationship with Amalek, you must generally avoid reading his mind. If you want to form a romantic relationship with him, choose gullible as one of your character traits at the beginning of the game. Similarly, if you chose short-tempered instead, you will lose extra points with him throughout the story.

Relationship factors:

  • When you reunite with Amalek in Chapter 2, you must have only looked at his mind less than 6 times; then you will tell him the Prototype’s purpose
  • Do NOT Dive Deeper into his mind for the Vandorfin coordinates
  • In the scene where you choose whether to Dive Deeper into his mind: if you resist Diving Deeply, if you told him about the Prototype previously, if you have used the Void less than 30 times overall, and if your relationship with Amalek is higher than 60 points, you will tell him that you have the ability to read minds
  • After he asks you not to read his mind, obey his wishes
  • If you chose “gullible” as one of your character traits at the beginning of the game and follow the steps above, you will kiss Amalek

Life or death:

  • Amalek will live or die depending on when you realize he’s in danger. During the second mission to Teballai, after you climb down the Q’s palace with Mierol, read his mind as soon as you can. Mierol will have time to bandage his wounds. Either way they will think that he’s dead, but if you bandaged his wounds early enough, you might see him again in the Epilogue (Endings 1, 2, or 3)


  • Your relationship with Amalek can take a turn for the worse if you read his mind often enough. If you pull the Vandorfin coordinates from his mind and keep reading his mind in the scenes afterward, you might say something you shouldn’t, and Amalek will know you betrayed him

Korah Relationship Guide


This post is only for people who have played through the game at least once and would like to achieve a specific outcome.

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To form a strong relationship with Korah, you must generally avoid reading her mind.


  • If you choose the “charming” character trait at the beginning of the game, you will win more points with her throughout, but this won’t make or break the relationship
  • Do NOT read the Vandorfin coordinates in Amalek’s mind; this will eventually subtract a large number of points from your relationship with Korah
  • Do NOT kill Crain
  • When you are being held captive in the brig, choose her as your partner to help you get out (she will only agree to be your partner if you have at least 60 points in your relationship and you have NOT killed Crain)
  • Once Korah learns your secret, she will request that you never to read her thoughts again. After that, NEVER look at her thoughts

Mierol Deya



Mierol was born on Ludebba, also known as the Planet of Quiet. Thick black clouds reign over the entire atmosphere of Ludebba, casting a dark web of shadows on the landscape underneath. Once a year on different times across the planet, the clouds part to flood the land beneath with sunlight. The plants that grow in Ludebba soak up the solar energy and store enough of it to sustain them for the rest of the year. This is known as a Sun Bath. When darkness returns, the plants and flowers glow enough to cast some light on the landscape. Because the plants of Ludebba are so good at storing solar energy, they are extremely valuable to outsiders.

When Mierol was eight years old, her home city was raided by a group of space pirates known as the Pilfyres. They came to collect the precious plants of Ludebba shortly after a Sun Bath, mercilessly killing anyone who stood in their way. One of the Pilfyres took pity on Mierol, who was just a small little girl who tried desperately to protect one of the flowers on a hillside. He carried Mierol away with the Pilfyres, taught her their ways, and eventually Mierol became a Pilfyre herself.

Mierol remained a Pilfyre into adulthood, when one of her raids brought her in contact with a group of FOEs led by Amalek Nikat. Mierol respected Amalek, even though they began as enemies. After several more encounters, she decided to join Amalek and his group of freedom fighters.

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Amalek Nikat

Amalek is a high-ranking commander, or Lead, within the FOEs. He grew up on the water planet of Alqualin, where most people live within underwater cities. When he was old enough, he wanted to escape the cold dark depths of the ocean and sail the high seas. After doing that for a few years, he wanted to ascend further and explore the galaxy. Soon after that, he learned of the FOEs and eagerly joined their cause.

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Blaire Pollack

Blaire Pollack grew up on Teballai as a Cypher-P: the second-highest rank in Teballaian society under the dictator (Cypher-Q) himself. As such, she lived a life of great luxury and privilege. She dwelt within the tall Q’s tower in the center of Jumeni, Teballai’s capital city. At any time, she could call upon helots or gorgans to do her bidding. If a helot disobeyed her, that person could be punished harshly–even killed for showing disrespect.

Despite all her power, Blaire’s primary concerns in life were playing games, spending time with friends, and generally having fun. The dictator of Teballai, Delim Quallebus, prized Blaire above all his Cypher-Ps because she possessed an effortless ability to synchronize her thoughts with mind-meld machines. Blaire did not know or care that the ease with which she synched with machines made her the ideal candidate for a top-secret project called Quantum Conscience.

When the FOEs learned of Blaire’s talent, they sent Amalek Nikat–a powerful FOE commander–to assassinate her. But Amalek took mercy on Blaire, who knew little of the powers guiding her talents, and recruited her into the FOEs as a new soldier.