Veramus Relationship Guide


This post is only for people who have played through the game at least once and would like to achieve a specific outcome.

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To form a strong relationship with Veramus, read his mind often, and use the Void frequently. The character trait gullible is a bonus. The final outcome of your relationship with Veramus will depend on which ending you achieve. You will part ways with him (you might even kill him) in Endings 1 or 3; however, you will remain allies in Endings 2 or 4.


  • Read Veramus’s mind frequently. Once you reunite with him in the hotel on Dordasa, you need to have tried to read his mind about 7 times to start seeing snippets of thoughts. Keep reading his mind frequently to see more.
  • Read the Vandorfin coordinates in Amalek’s mind when the Shadow asks you to
  • Read the minds of your teammates on the second mission to Teballai
  • When you are being held captive in the brig, choose Veramus to help you get out
  • To get Ending 2, you must read/attempt to read Veramus’s mind frequently enough to see his thoughts by the time you reach Ludebba. When he pulls you aside to talk to you, you will get a chance to Dive Deeper into his mind. Do it
  • On Ludebba, Veramus will take Korah as hostage and demand that you search his mind for a number. To fully break through Veramus’s mind at this point, you should have used the Void more than 99 times, and read Veramus’s mind more than 40 times
  • When Veramus asks you to look up the number in his head, you must do so; you must also be able to break all the way into his mind and Dive Deeper to see the correct number

Variations within the relationship:

  • In Ending 4, if Mierol is still with you and you’ve formed a romantic relationship with her as well, then you will become a ménage à trois with her and Veramus