As evidenced by my published games, I am an artist, writer, and interactive designer with a passion for games and storytelling. When I’m not developing my own games, I am available for freelance work, and I especially love collaborating with other artists in my field. Please contact me if you’re interested in working together.


I frequently illustrate character portraits for visual novels, as well as backgrounds and CGs. (more…)


From moving small video game characters to creating a 20-minute cartoon episode, I have accumulated a great deal of experience bringing 2D drawings to life through animation.  (more…)

Interactive Design

Through Woodsy Studio, I develop and publish visual novel games for Android devices and desktop computers. My user interfaces have gone through various designs based on usability testing and ongoing feedback. (more…)

Page Layout

View pages I designed for a conceptual magazine using InDesign CS6. (more…)

Book Covers

I frequently design book covers. On some occasions I illustrate the cover myself; other times I use stock photography with permission and manipulate the images in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I also design the layout and typography to evoke a certain mood and suggest the book’s genre. (more…)


I’ve created many logos and title designs for video games. I use the font styles, arrangement, and colors to help convey the tone of the game.