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Episode 0: The Immolation is a FREE, standalone chapter in the Echoes of the Fey visual novel series developed in Unreal Engine 4. Play as Sofya Rykov before she became a private investigator and before she was cursed with unstable magic powers. An officer in the Imperial Army, Sofya is tasked with guarding Leshin prisoners at Onigrad. She feels safe enough to drink, sleep, and party to her heart’s content. Then one fateful night, a massive boom rings out from the Fey reactor…

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The first visual novel episode of Echoes of the Fey, “The Fox’s Trail” is now released! In “The Fox’s Trail,” Sofya and Heremon are retained by a Leshin woman to find her son, a prison guard who allegedly died during the last days of the war between Humans and Leshin (elves). Finding the missing Leshin will force Sofya to confront the nuanced relationship between Humans and Leshin. Meanwhile, Sofya must hide her own ability to use magic, unlike any other Human before her.

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Serafina’s Crown

[Visual Novel, Romance, Drama, Stat-management, GxB, GxG]

In the sequel to Serafina’s Saga, you play as Odell Perin, an inexperienced young woman who must navigate political intrigue, romantic confusion, and an ongoing murder mystery while serving as Regent of Darzia. The story branches depending on your decisions, allowing the player to form romantic relationships with other characters, find Queen Belatrix’s killer, and determine the next monarch. The gameplay will also feature a dynamic debate system that allows Odell to argue certain points in court based on her accumulated stats.

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Quantum Conscience

[Visual Novel, Drama, Sci-fi, GxB, GxG, BxG, BxB]

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Within a galaxy of terraformed planets, a secret war rages between two intergalactic agencies. One of them—ARCHON—is developing the technology to invade people’s minds. They have already tyrannized a planet called Teballai, and hope to use their mind-reading technology to spread their power across the galaxy. A second organization—FOE (Freedom Organization of Elites)—wants to destroy ARCHON’s technology in the name of freedom. When a young FOE soldier (you choose the gender) named Blaire obtains the ability to read minds from an ARCHON experiment, she finds her loyalty torn between both sides. Whether Blaire helps the enemy or defeats them depends upon your use of her power.

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The interactive novel is now released for desktop (Mac, PC, and Linux) computers

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Serafina’s Saga

[Visual Novel, Drama, Sci-fi, GxB, GxG]

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Young Serafina has spent her entire life alone in the jungle with only her guardian, a mysterious man named Arken, as company. When Arken is captured by a group of soldiers and carried away, Serafina must venture outside the forest to save him. On her journey to the heart of the kingdom, Serafina discovers a whole new world beyond the shadows of the jungle. She will also learn the dark truth of Arken’s past and thus her own. How she chooses to use this knowledge will change the fate of the entire kingdom.

This interactive novel–approximating 50,000 words in length–features a custom score of 20+ music tracks, 50+ backgrounds, and more than 10 possible endings. As the story unfolds, the reader can choose how to interact with other characters, thereby forming or breaking romantic relationships that will shape the story’s conclusion.

Rated Medium Maturity for strong language and sexual themes.

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