Veramus Polemai

Veramus grew up on Teballai alongside Blaire as a privileged Cypher-P in the Q’s palace. While Blaire was mischievous and unruly, Veramus tended to follow the rules and behave with conservative elegance. He took pride in his station as a politician and sought to earn it rather than take it for granted. But despite–or perhaps because of–their differences, Veramus and Blaire grew up as close friends. However, Veramus was always jealous of Blaire’s ability to effortlessly synch with mind-meld machines, which made Blaire the Q’s favorite pupil.

When Veramus was sixteen, Blaire vanished without a trace. Veramus was extremely distraught and fell into a deep depression. He didn’t understand what had happened or why, which threw everything he believed about the world into question. He made it his mission to maintain order and power so that nothing like that would ever happen again.

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