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How to Make a Visual Novel in Unreal Engine 4 (11/25/17)

Kickstarter Campaign for Echoes of the Fey! (11/15/17)

miraclr – Divine Dating Sim Out Now (10/3/17)

Making a Miracle with miraclr (9/26/17)

miraclr – A New Visual Novel Project (7/24/17)

PS4 Release in July and Steam Sale! (6/22/17)

Announcing Echoes of the Fey – Fuel Your Choice (3/31/17)

Making Games at the End of the World (3/15/17)

Seeking Voice Actors for The Last Sacrament (3/2/17)

Echoes of the Fey – Episode 0: The Immolation Released! (1/31/2017)

Woodsy Studio Mission Statement (11/9/16)

Let’s Greenlight Echoes of the Fey: The Immolation! (10/27/16)

Why We’re Making Our Next Visual Novel in Unreal Engine 4 (10/19/16)

Demo-ing After the Fact: A Pixel-Pop Retrospective (10/13/16)

Echoes of the Fey: The Fox’s Trail Now Out on Steam (8/16/16)

Steam Achievements and Us: Why We Added Achievements for a VN (8/11/16)

Echoes of the Fey: Prophet’s Arm Novella

Echoes of the Fey Vocal Theme (6/6/16)

Echoes of the Fey: Building a Better (More Equal) Fantasy Setting (2/17/16)

Announcing the World of Echoes of the Fey (2/8/16)

Making a Visual Novel in Game Maker (9/7/15)

Writing Good Female Characters (6/14/15)

Making Music: The Challenge of Minimalism (12/29/15)

Echoes of the Fey: Call for Voice Actors (10/25/15)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Detective (10/14/15)

New team, new visual novel! (8/3/15)

Writing Branching Narratives (3/19/15)

Serafina’s Crown: Demo and Release (2/16/15)

Serafina’s Crown: Character List (1/16/15)

Story Choices in Serafina’s Crown (1/28/15)

How to Set Up a Panning System (like Danganronpa) in Ren’Py (12/30/14)

Announcing Serafina’s Crown (12/16/14)

Animating Speech (11/26/14)

Working on a Team vs. Flying Solo (11/11/14)

Why Art and Business Must Intersect (11/3/14)