Echoes of the Fey – Episode 2: The Last Sacrament

Releasing early 2018

Magic meets mystery in Echoes of the Fey, a series of detective stories in a world of high fantasy. Play as Sofya Rykov, a private investigator with a secret of her own: she’s the only Human who can wield magic. Each episode is a narrative-heavy adventure game with branching story-lines and a standalone plot.

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Developed in Unreal Engine 4, The Last Sacrament forms the next installment of the ongoing series. Sofya’s loyalty grows divided when she is hired for one job and blackmailed into another. Sofya’s childhood love and the Emperor’s daughter, Katerina, seeks her protection from threats near the border. Katerina’s rival Nikolai, a ruthless local politician, needs a dangerous drug stolen from the powerful Krovakyn Church and has the leverage to force Sofya to do it. All the while, Katerina and Nikolai clash over control over the city—and Sofya’s heart.

Large segments of The Last Sacrament will play as a point and click adventure game with dialogue in the traditional style of a visual novel. But unlike earlier Woodsy Studio games, The Last Sacrament also features an in-world tabletop RPG called RiftRealms. Inspired by story-focused pen and paper games, Sofya will play RiftRealms games with various supporting characters as dungeon master. Players will both build a character in RiftRealms to fight increasingly more powerful foes, and learn about the key players in Sofya’s life through how they choose to tell a RiftRealms story.

In the Echoes of the Fey world, the RiftRealms game is based on a series of beyond-the-sky fantasy novels from the late 970s and 980s. A former Krovakyn priest-turned-soldier wrote the game while working as a wire operator during the early days of the war. His stories enforce the beliefs of the Krovakyn religion while envisioning a future of inter-galactic travel. And due to the biases of its creator, RiftRealms encourages a negative view of the Leshin people.

While the characters of Echoes of the Fey play RiftRealms with Sofya, they reveal their own prejudices and beliefs through their strategies. They serve as “dungeon masters” who try to create a gaming experience for Sofya (and thus the player) that is both entertaining and challenging. Kind and compassionate characters like Heremon might slip up by making the game too easy, while ruthless characters like Arkady transform the game into a harrowing experience.

Written by Malcolm Pierce and Jenny Gibbons
Art by Jenny Gibbons, with some Concept art by Wendy Gram and Chris House
Music by Jenny Gibbons
Programming by Jenny Gibbons and Malcolm Pierce
Sound design by Jenny Gibbons
Sound effects by: Adobe Audition Library, Drew Becker, Free SFX

“The Last Sacrament” also features voice acting–fully performed critical scenes and expression lines throughout–by the following awesome voice actors:

SOFYA RYKOV – Amber Leigh




NIKOLAI MELINKOV – Christopher Vitemb


ANYA SAITOV – Helen Edgeworth

SIMION IR-SHEAF – Jacob Anderson


ALMA MELINKOV – Amber Cunliffe

MORVYN IR’CROMADH: Jeremiah George