Echoes of the Fey: A Visual Novel Series


Xbox One

This English-language visual novel mixes a high fantasy setting with the mysteries and conspiracies of pulp detective fiction. Play as Sofya Rykov, a private investigator with a secret of her own: unstable magic powers she uses to solve her cases. In The Fox’s Trail, Sofya discovers the temporary ability to transform into a cat.

In The Fox’s Trail, a Leshin woman hires Sofya and Heremon to find her son, a prison guard who allegedly died during the last days of the war between Humans and Leshin (elves). Finding the missing Leshin forces Sofya to confront the nuanced relationship between Humans and Leshin, still recovering from a thirty-year war. Meanwhile, Sofya must hide her own ability to use magic, unlike any other Human before her. Investigate how you prefer, with over 100 choice points throughout the story. Some will improve your relationship with the characters. Others will provide you critical information. And some will change the fate of the people you will come to know.

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Episode 0: The Immolation is a FREE,  short chapter in the Echoes of the Fey visual novel series developed in Unreal Engine 4. Play as Sofya Rykov before she became a private investigator and before she was cursed with unstable magic powers. An officer in the Imperial Army, Sofya is tasked with guarding Leshin prisoners at Onigrad. She feels safe enough to drink, sleep, and party to her heart’s content. Then one fateful night, a massive boom rings out from the Fey reactor…

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