“Woody Studio” is a developer of interactive media led by myself, Jenny Gibbons: an artist and author who also writes novels under the name Jayden Woods.

Jenny Gibbons

I have always been obsessed with storytelling in a variety of formats. From sticking my nose in a book to furiously pressing buttons on a video game controller, I’m addicted to engrossing myself in other worlds and situations. I also love to create them.

I began my storytelling endeavors with a focus on writing. I graduated with a BFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California in 2007. I also lived and worked in Hollywood for a few years before deciding I wanted to explore my other skills. I moved to St Louis and began my career as novelist Jayden Woods. My debut novel, Eadric the Grasper, was named one of the best 10 indie books of 2010 by Kirkus Discoveries.

I loved writing novels, but I still wanted to bring my stories to life with sounds and visuals. I began taking classes in art and design until I earned certificates in both Animation and Graphic Design. I also began to learn some basic programming in Python and scripting in JavaScript. Finally I pooled all my skills together, and thus Woodsy Studio was born.

Now, I create illustrations for my own visual novels and (occasionally) other indie games. I use my skills in graphic design and web scripting to create my websites (like this one) and other forms of advertising. Because I work in a wide array of mediums, I have created individual websites for different aspects of my work. Please use the links below if you’d like to read/view/listen to more of my work beyond the scope of art and design.

Writing / Novels

I continue to write novels under the pseudonym Jayden Woods, so please visit my author website if you’d like to read more of my books. If you’re interested, you can follow my blog, where I regularly post essays on game development, story extras, or vignettes for individual characters.


You can listen to my music on my Bandcamp page. You may listen to all the tracks on the website for free. But if you’re interested in supporting my work financially, please purchase some music for download!