Serafina’s Crown Walkthrough

Learn more about how to achieve the story you want in Serafina’s Crown. I have tried to avoid spoilers in this walkthrough; rather, it is intended to give you a general idea of different paths you can achieve in the game, and how to do so.

Roza Odell Dance


As the story progresses, Odell can forge romantic bonds with the following characters:

  • Kendal
  • Roza
  • Serafina / Reuben
  • Kallias
  • Arken
  • Lorenzo

Each romantic branch has its own unique qualifications. But in general, if you want romantic relations with someone, be sure to visit them frequently (you have six chances in all to spend time with other characters; half of those should be with your romance interest, with the exception of Lorenzo and Arken). You should also be selective when choosing a dance partner!

Arken’s romance path is a little different, because you do not have the option to spend time with him. If you want to catch his interest, try flirting with him early on, even if he doesn’t respond at first. Once he’s interested in Odell, remain fully loyal to him.

House Ranks Serafina's Crown

Choosing the Next Monarch

The next monarch of Darzia will largely depend on which House has the most strength (measured by tax levies) by the end of the last Duma. Then, if the top Houses are close enough to each other to change ranks with one more debate, you will have a last chance to argue in favor of the person you support.

However, Odell herself can become a candidate for the throne if you play your cards right. In order to achieve this, you need to win most of your debates, and greed must be your top emotion.

Having trouble winning debates?  If you want really high chances of success in the Divinity Dial mini-game, then try to accumulate more than half your points in the emotion matching the House you typically support. For example, if you have 26/50 points with Demetral and you choose to support Serafina in a debate, you will have a high range of options to choose from on the dial, and your odds of winning are very high.

If you want to be a little more daring, you can win a debate even if you have low stats, but you’ll need both luck and strategy on your side. You can  also accumulate abilities that help you support each character whenever you spend time with them.



Double Votes: this ability doubles the amount of votes won at the end of an argument, whether  you’re the winner or not! The max number of votes it can win with a single argument is 20, so it can quickly turn the tide of a debate if used wisely. This ability comes from Kendal



Remove Number: this ability allows you to remove your enemy’s current best number from their hand. In doing so, you also get to see what that number is, which can be helpful for measuring your opponent’s strength. This ability comes from Roza



Reverse Arrow: this ability allows you to switch the orientation of the arrow for the remainder of the round. If you don’t like the arrow orientation your enemy picked, or you realize belatedly that you chose poorly, this skill comes in handy. This ability comes from Kallias



Shuffle Numbers: this ability allows you to re-shuffle your numbers, even in the middle of a round. It is a universally helpful skill when you’re not sure what else to try. This ability comes from Serafina.


CHAMELEON Power: This is a very useful skill accumulated by spending time with Lorenzo (who’s only available in the last two sessions of free time). Once unlocked, you can select any of the above abilities you’ve obtained so far at the beginning of each debate, no matter which character you’re supporting.

Finding Belatrix’s Killer

Sorry, you’re on your own … I’m won’t give you the answer here 🙂

Early Death

There are several ways you might get an unfortunate ending to your game, but there is only one way for Odell to die before the end of the game. If you don’t want to meet an early end, I suggest that you do not betray the god of wrath!