miraclr: Divine Dating Sim Out Now on Steam and

We’re happy to announce that miraclr: Divine Dating Sim is out NOW on Steam and for PC, Mac, and Linux systems!

Desktop Changes

Last October, we released miraclr: Divine Dating Sim for iOS and Android devices. miraclr was Woodsy Studio’s first mobile-focused game, designed for quick, on-the-go play sessions throughout the day. However, we kept hearing from fans of our previous games that they wanted a PC port. We knew this would take some work–overhauling the UI and making sure it could be played more like a traditional visual novel. People usually have their phone on all day, but they’re not at their computer all day so we needed miraclr to be playable in longer sessions while still maintaining the real-time elements for those who want to experience them.

For the desktop version of miraclr, we stripped out the micro-transactions from the mobile version. Buy the game as a one-time purchase with all content and time skip/rewind features enabled. We realize that keeping the free-to-play model is possible on Steam, but we expect very few desktop users will want to experience the game without rewind and time skip. These features allow you to play miraclr at your leisure. You’ll be able to easily fix missed choices if you have to walk away from the computer. You can even play full days (or the whole game!) in one session, rather than waiting for private messages and meeting times. Also, once you’ve finished any given day, you’ll be able to start that day over from the beginning at any time.

We’ve also re-designed the UI to resemble a desktop workplace messaging program rather than a mobile app, re-sized all the CGs for desktop resolutions, and included higher quality versions of the art and music.

New Content

For mobile users, we’ve added LOTS OF NEW CONTENT available through an update of the game (all of which is included on PC, Mac, and Linux). New CGs for every angel, additional music, an in-game gallery, and a whole new secret romance path available after you’ve beaten the game once are all available TODAY!

So what are you waiting for? Go help the archangels make a miracle!